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Two different but similar methods are described here. During the past few years a new evangelism method has become VERY effective and the evangelism method in blue text below has become less effective, but works. Simply call customer service reps. Those in the Philippians, Central America and the Caribbean are very eager to hear the salvation message! With this method I have been leading nearly one person each day to Christ.


You can do this too! Just find a couple phone numbers to offshore call centers and ask a simple question about their service/product that they can answer quickly. Wait silently until they ask you if you have any more questions or they say goodbye. Then say, “Yes I have another question. This might be the most important question anyone will ever ask you. Do you know where you will spend eternity? Will you make it into heaven or is there a chance you might end up in hell?”  


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Or you can wait for telemarketers to call you. Many telemarketers are ready to accept Christ as their Savior! People do not grow up wanting to be a telemarketer. Telemarketers are in that position because of life circumstances or lack of job skills. They do not enjoy rejection or the nasty things people say to them. These are hurting souls in need of loving people to help them. And God has placed you in a position to bless them!


HOW ...

Most of the time telemarketers start by saying their name and before they get much further, the listener rejects them and hangs up. For years I have been witnessing to them and now I am glad when they call. I encourage you to use this approach that has been working for me. Start by remembering their name and saying, Hello ________ [name], how are you? This excites them so much, they sometimes lose their place in the script. Allow them to go on for a little bit and don't reject them. After about 30 seconds, say, _________[name] I have a question for you. This is off the subject but this just might be the most important question anyone will ever ask you. Do you know where you will spend eternity? Are you going to make it into heaven or is there a chance you might end up in hell?


Typically they will reply with one of these five common answers:
1. I will make it into heaven because I am a good person.
2. I do not know the answer to that.
3. I think I may end up in hell.
4. I would rather not talk about that.
5. I will make it into heaven because Jesus is my savior.


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Whether they want to pray the sinners prayer right then or not, I encourage them to call me or email me and to go to this web page to learn more: www.HowToGetRightWithGod.com


Does this work?

Janice from the Philippines and Lola from Arizona called to sell me something and each prayed the sinners prayer with me before they hung up. Thank God for international telemarketing!


Now you could have an international impact right in your own home! The telemarketers you lead to Christ will be eager to meet you on the other side of the Pearly Gates and Jesus will add to your heavenly rewards.


To get your phone number off the do not call list:

This is very easy. Just call 1-888-382-1222 from the telephone number you want to delete from the list. If you don't start getting calls within a couple months, sub.scribe to a local newspaper for $20. After you drop them, they will hound you to resub.scribe. Newspaper telemarketers have been the most receptive to the Gospel message. To further increase your witnessing opportunities, stop paying the phone company to make your phone number unlisted. That can be done today by simply calling the number on your phone bill.


Because this is such an effective way of leading souls to Christ, expect Satan to put up road blocks. Even though this is a most discreet method and there is nothing to lose, I got extremely nervous at first. But after a few times I was so encouraged and emboldened by their receptivity that I lost my fear and became all the more eager to share Christ with telemarketers and others! This method also worked with a wrong number caller. One young man accidently called my number. After witnessing to him, he said his friend has been trying to get him to attend my church and now he will attend with his friend. 



With the love of Christ,


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